Test Plugs Ltd was established in 1975 and is ISO9001: BS EN 2008 registered.

35 years manufacturing the original Binder Test Plug.

We are a privately-owned company and our products are sold to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration industries, both on and off-shore. Our products are used in many other processing industries from food to chemicals, from drinks to the oil industry. We find that many of our customers are pipeline equipment stockists - valves, tubes and tubing, pipes and piping etc.

We are based in the United Kingdom and our main site is just outside Cambridge. We export to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East and worldwide. Some of our higher profile customers include Euro Disney France, government buildings and many other prestigious buildings around the world.

The principle of a test plug is simple. The contents of a piping system may need checking at various points in the line. A test plug installed at that point allows you to insert thermometers, gauges etc into the system to check the pressure and/or temperature without interrupting the system. Access to the content is gained via a self-sealing rubber core that is only exposed when a protective cap is removed. There is no cheaper nor more effective way to monitor the performance of your piping system!

Our test plugs are known by various names in different industries:-

Binder test plugs

Binder test points

Self seal test points

Self seal test plugs

Self-sealing test points

Self-sealing test plugs

Temperature/pressure test plugs (Pressure/temperature test plugs)

Temperature/pressure test points (Pressure/temperature test points)

The original binder plugs (the original binder points)

Gas plugs, oil plugs and water plugs.

We also supply:

Pneumatic gauges

AHU test plugs

Hydraulic gauges

Mechanical test plugs

All stainless steel gauges

Pressure gauges

Vacuum gauges

Differential gauges

Compound gauges

Bi-Metal thermometers

Safety pattern gauges

Vapour pressure thermometers

Test gauges

Gas filled thermometers

Sprinkler gauges

Mercury- in- steel thermometers

Glycerine-filled gauges

Digital hand held thermometers

Altitude gauges

Air duct thermometers

Drag pointer gauges

Magnetic thermometers

Chemical seal gauges

Contact thermometers

Filter gauges

Spring thermometers

Diaphragm gauges

Combined pressure & temperature gauges

Seal gauges

Max-Min thermometers

Hygienic diaphragm gauges

Pipeline thermometers

Homogenizer gauges

Gauge cocks

Schaeffer diaphragm gauges

Ball valves

Torr gauges

Syphon tubes

Capsule gauges


Absolute  Torr gauges


Electrical contact gauges


SMS hygienic gauges

Electrical contact thermometers

IDF hygienic gauges

Calibrated gauges

RJT hygienic gauges

Calibrated thermometers

TRI-Clover gauges


Fishtail gauges


Chemical seal gauges

Digital gauges

Clamp hygienic gauges

Digital thermometers

Button gauges

Drag pointer thermometers

Flare gauges

Hygrometer sling psychrometers

Klein flange gauges

Re-calibration service

Push-on hose gauges
















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