Test plugs and accessories are not recommended to be used on medium or high temperature hot water systems. Ethylene propylene rubber is suitable for temperatures up to 135°C. However, if plugs are used with injurious liquids or gases, protective clothing i.e. long sleeved gloves, face and eye protection should be worn. Ethylene propylene, neoprene are proprietary materials and the information presented is believed to be accurate and reliable. Test Plugs Ltd can assume no liability for results obtained or damage incurred through the application of the data. The information given is intended as a guide. If in doubt ask for information on any of the above points.

Please note, for heating and chilled water installations, Test Plugs Ltd takes no responsibility for the use of certain chemicals, inhibitors or biocides used in conjunction with the test plugs. Overuse of a chemical, too strong a mixture, or a mixture of different chemicals could cause a reaction with the brass - resulting in stress corrosion cracking to the test plug(s).

Test Plugs Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction to the brass test plugs from chemicals, used by our customers or third party contractors. If in any doubt, please ask or seek advice.


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